From Firaxis waiting for a new extension for XCOM 2


Apparently, the story of XCOM 2 did not end with the addition of the War of the Chosen. According to fans, the authors of the game from Firaxis Games left a bunch of traces that indicate a new extension.

First, Reddit is monitored with a certain TLE – an entry in the Steam database that is associated with XCOM 2. This entry is regularly updated, so TLE was absently coded with the codename of the XCOM continuation. According to Reddit, TLE will be a big DLC. Not XCOM 3, not a trifle of a subscription in the spirit of Alien Hunters, but something like the War of the Chosen.

Secondly, ResetEra drew attention to the latest tweet from Firaxis. The studio is preparing to stream Forging the Legacy on XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and came up with a separate illustration for this. There are some curious details on it: Lily Shen holds a laser rifle, the fighter on the left has a heavy plasma machine gun, and Bradford has a shotgun. All of these weapons are suspiciously similar to analogs from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In addition, in the background – a gas station, which also came from the XCOM of 2012.

One of the theories is that TLE is in some way connected with events that occurred before the XCOM 2 time period. This is hinted at by the latest Firaxis broadcasts, where the company made an XCOM retrospective: Enemy Unknown. The names of the esters are also often found the word Legacy – “Heritage”.

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