Minecraft will have a dungeon cooperative

Minecraft: Dungeons

At the event, Minecon Earth 2018, Mojang announced its new game – Minecraft: Dungeons. Apparently, it will be distributed separately from the main Minecraft and will become an independent spin-off. Minecraft: Dungeons is created under the inspiration of the classic representatives of the dungeon crawler genre, where the characters roam the labyrinth of dungeons, fight monsters and look for valuable loot. Approximately this will have to do in the new game Mojang.

In Minecraft: Dungeons is a cooperative for four players, but you can fight in splendid isolation. The global task is to save the villagers from the villain named Arch-Illager. Among the locations are canyons, swamps, and mines. As stated in the official announcement, Minecraft: Dungeons is enthusiastically working with a small team in the Mojang office in Stockholm. Developers are very fond of a dungeon crawler, so they treat their project with special trepidation.

Note that Mojang helped with Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale, published other people’s Cobalt and Cobalt WASD, and also tried to develop Scrolls, which eventually died and merged the community under a different name. However, the company actually does not have its second more or less large game other than Minecraft. Perhaps Minecraft: Dungeons will finally successfully occupy this niche.

Minecraft: Dungeons should be released on the PC in 2019.

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