This year Sony does not conduct a PlayStation Experience

playstation experience logo

Microsoft returns to its annual X0 conferences, Nintendo does Nintendo Direct, and Sony, which objectively has the best exclusives, is not ready to host the PlayStation Experience in 2018. As part of the PS Blogcast podcast, the head of the US Sony division, Sean Leiden, confirmed that the company is really not ready this year to conduct PSX, as it does not have enough material to meet the expectations and requests of the fans.

Now that Spider-Man is out, we are looking forward to 2019 and games like Dreams and Days Gone, but we will not have enough material to bring everyone in one place in North America and hold an event. We do not want to overstate expectations, so as not to satisfy them later.

In fairness, last year’s PSX event was a real disappointment for Sony fans, as it could not please any announcements at all. Therefore, Sony’s decision to cancel the event this year is quite fair.

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