The NOTHING went on Kickstarter


The plot focuses on PXL Corporation and its unlimited control over the world, its mistakes and monstrous acts committed during corporate operations. Players will fall the role of system engineer Dresden, who works on PXL and lives in the backyard of Los Angeles.

In the debut screenshots, the game looked like a low-budget independent project, but at the same time attracted a synopsis and an approach to the visual style. At the same time, Kickstarter developers hope to raise $ 600,000 – the amount for such a project, to put it mildly, is unattainable.

At the moment, a little more than four thousand dollars have been collected, and there are still 29 days of the campaign ahead. You do not need to be an oracle to understand that the game does not collect the required amount. A more modest target of thousands at 50 would be real.

However, surprises happen, and the curious The NOTHING may well attract third-party funding.

Link to the project: [THE NOTHING] РA Futuristic Dystopian RPG

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