Apple uses software that does not allow independent craftsmen to repair MacBook Pro and iMac


It is reported that Apple has begun to use the new diagnostic software to repair MacBook Pro and iMac Pro. Everything would be fine, but if the software is not used on key parts during the repair, this can lead to a non-working operating system and incomplete repair. This is stated in the documents sent to authorized centers. A copy of the document was received by the MacRumors and Motherboard sites, which reported on the content, as well as potential consequences for independent masters.

According to the Motherboard material without Apple software, third-party wizards will not be able to repair the MacBook Pro with a display, logic board, keyboard and touchpad problems, as well as Touch ID boards. On iMac Pro, locking is enabled when a logic board or flash memory is replaced. The computer cannot be used until a diagnostic tool called the Apple Service Toolkit 2, available only to authorized centers, will not be used.

A justification for the use of such tough measures against independent masters has become “protection”, since Apple chips perform various critical functions in devices, including those responsible for disk encryption and other security measures. From this point of view, the use of official software makes sense, but it is necessary to understand that anyone who wants to steal information or any secrets, such software will not become an obstacle. In this regard, you can wait for the next wave of negativity on Apple from the masters, straight-handed people and all those who do not want to pay big money for the official repair of Apple.

Apple critics have been saying for many years that Apple puts all possible sticks into the wheels of independent craftsmen and independent services in order to control the entire repair market and motivate people to buy new devices, rather than repair old ones. In the US, Apple, along with other companies have long been struggling with the law giving the right to repair.

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