New gameplay remake Resident Evil 2


Capcom published more than half an hour of gameplay from a remake of Resident Evil 2, a cult survival horror for Claire Redfield.

Recall, a computer game in the genre of survival horror from the Resident Evil series. It was released in 1998 on the PlayStation console. The game takes place two months after the events of the first game, Resident Evil. The scene is the American town of Raccoon City, whose inhabitants have become zombies under the influence of biological weapons called T-virus, created by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Two protagonists, Leon Scott Kennedy, and Claire Redfield are trying to leave the city. Along the way, they meet other survivors and encounter the creator of the G-virus (a more powerful type of T-virus), William Birkin, who turned into a mutant.

Gameplay Resident Evil 2 is based on the study of the territory, solving puzzles and battles with enemies. It includes the main elements of the survival horror genre, such as a small amount of ammunition and limited ability to save the game. For each character in the game, there are their own scripts. The game was developed by a team of 40-50 people for one year and nine months. The project manager was Hideki Kamiya, and the producer was Shinji Mikami. The original version of the game, called Resident Evil 1.5, had serious differences from the final version. At the later stages of development, she was recognized by the producer of the project as “boring and tedious” and canceled. The final version of the game differs from the original other setting and more cinematic plot, the soundtrack has its main theme “despair”.

Resident Evil 2 was welcomed by the gaming press. Critics praised her for the atmosphere, the setting, the graphics component, and the sound effects. However, the game was criticized for the control system, character dubbing and inventory system, some observers did not like the game puzzles. The game had a high level of sales and was considered the most successful game of the series for the PlayStation console. After release, the game Resident Evil 2 fell into the lists of the top 100 games from various publications. It has been ported to PC,, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, GameCube. The plot of the game in later versions was retold and expanded, and several adaptations were created based on it.

The remake will be released on January 25th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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