Nintendo does not consider Sony and Microsoft as competitors


Nintendo occupies a unique place in the industry, offering players unique opportunities instead of pursuing the growth of quality graphics and technology. Nintendo’s software is so good that people buy company consoles just to play its games, and the hardware is cheap enough to attract a healthy community of third-party developers.

Reggie Feese-Eimes, Nintendo Executive Director, emphasizes that Nintendo does not consider Sony and Microsoft as direct competitors, but is competing over the time of users in general with the entire entertainment industry.

All free time of the consumer is a time of entertainment. That’s what I’m competing for, minute by minute. The time you spend surfing the net, watching a movie, broadcasting a conference is all the entertainment we are competing for. My list of competitors is much wider than direct competitors in the face of Sony or Microsoft. I fight for time.

Nintendo seems to be pleased with the situation when Sony and Microsoft compete with each other. At the same time, the company attracts a much wider audience.

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