Need for Speed: Most Wanted: Overview

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Early morning. The city wakes up in the rays of the rising sun. The inhabitants, one by one, crawl out into the street and go about their business. They are so preoccupied with their own cares that they do not pay any attention day after day to the packs of was tuned cars moving around under their noses, spewing stunning howl “rovers”, army jeeps and merry chirping helicopters chased by the owner of the main attraction of the town – the circus named Need. for Speed: Most Wanted.

We have to admit that Electronic Arts doesn’t work for fools who can only install sequel are. After hearing a lot of unpleasant criticism after the release of Need for Speed: Underground 2, the “electronics” decided to listen to the discontent masses. Slightly. Although at first glance, the finalization of the game seems to be all-consuming. Annoyed by the “darkness” of previous underground exhibits? Here you have a sunny day, relatives. Fainted at the sight of a multi-thousand set of upgrade items? We cut the tuning. In two, no, three times. Were exhausted from tedious gameplay? Police in the studio!

Servants of law and order, it must be admitted, don’t eat their bread for nothing and roll into hapless raiders for the most indulgent. A chance meeting with the “cops” is always accompanied by a small scripted video, smoothly developing into a real Hollywood show. However, with entertainment from a game product under the brand of EA has always been in order. An all-consuming sound cocktail of flashing lights, working at the limit of engines, radio transmissions, transcendent speeds, and pure adrenaline is available to all Most Wanted owners for free. In unlimited quantities.

MazdaPlease license cars

In the role of the red canvas for the police acts strip “Heat”. The more this attribute is filled, the faster the attention to your person from the right defendants increases. But whatever the length of the “tail”, it can be chopped off. For this purpose, serve the so-called “Pursuit breaker” – special buildings (mainly gasoline and billboards), ready at the most inopportune moment to fall upon the heads of unfortunate pursuers. And in order not to clutter the brains of users with unnecessary thoughts about the location of destructive objects, all destructible places instantly appear on the mini-map from the very beginning of the pursuit race.

At the end of any successfully completed chase, a meticulous computer calculates the damage caused by the user’s auto megalopolis and issues an invoice, which is not necessary to pay. In addition, all gaming exploits are meticulously entered into a criminal database, implemented, as far as possible, very identical. Curious, of course, but no more.

Getting rid of annoying cops, the player is left alone with the plot component of Most Wanted. And here the error-free algorithm of the playing car begins to falter. Well, who would have thought that they would once again create last year’s trick with the chief hero, teasing a high-class car, and later forcing over several dozen hours to prove their ambitions for mastering them. You can reach the happy end in one and only way, wiping the nose of 15 straightened street raisers. 15 stages. 15. When calculating the time spent on the passage of time, it is worth considering the fact that to achieve the long-awaited duel, it is necessary to complete 6-7 preliminary races from the start.

1394623561_need-for-speed-most-wanted-2005-2.jpgBreaking through the city

Racing fun smoothly flowed from the previous parts of the series, taking with him moderately entertaining modes “Tollbooth” (driving for a while from one control point to another) and “Speedtrap” (the winner of this competition is determined by scoring points accrued for phenomenal speeds shown at checkpoints and final place at the finish).

Somewhere on the course, the author has already noted the striking reduction of autotuning compared to the second Underground. The visual settings of the iron horses faded into the background. The image glasses necessary for further advancement along the plot rails have sunk into oblivion. True, it’s still not worth kicking the road to the workshop. The available details of the upgrade are quite enough to brighten up the everyday life of illegal racers. But the updates of the insides under the hood are extremely necessary. Swirling middlings, like the Audi TT, do a lot of higher class monsters with a bang.

A great merit in this lies on the shoulders, forgive the cheating method of implementing a hydrogen accelerator. If in the Underground (the sequel, as we remember, ruined everything in the bud), the use of nitro was almost equal to the strategic twist of the game, then today’s Scion of the racing series communicates with casuals, face to face. The acceleration bar fills itself over time. No, you heard right. By her own. A curtain.

nfs golfMost Wanted

About graphic beauty, Most Wanted can talk for a long time and with gusto. From this sunlight darkens in the eyes, and raindrops are asked to be erased from the monitor screen. True, ultra-detailed car models and fascinating landscapes, coupled with clear textures, will be given only to the owners of power systems, the rest will have to be content to play on average parameters, which produce, meanwhile, a very watchable picture.

P.S. There are even some Newtonian elements in the game. So, logs and cars fall out of the trucks, and downed lampposts jump along the road for a long time, crashing into negligent drivers.

Final comments:
Addictive, driving, entertaining game. And just as empty. The choice is yours. I have already done mine.

Gameplay: The growing boredom of the local campaign, which is diluted in some places with exciting police with police and get-togethers in the garage.
Graphics: The best so far in the camp of arcade simulators.
Sound: As always, a good selection of songs and the lack of support for surround sound.
How long ?: Given the length of the single, yes. However, not all people have so great patience.

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