Killers and fines. Fallout 76


If you decide to attack someone in Fallout 76, then your opponent needs to attack you back in order for the battle between you to be considered fair. In the event that a player does not respond to your attacks, and you still kill him, the game will identify you as a killer. In this case, you will become visible to all the other players on the map, turning from a hunter into a victim, and you will not be able to see other players on the map. Even your teammates will be able to kill you for your wrongdoings with impunity – and they will do it, do not hesitate. Players will hunt for you because the reward in the covers is automatically assigned to the killers’ heads. And it will be paid from your own stocks.

It is noteworthy that you will not be able to deceive the game, having squandered all your covers. If you become a killer with an insufficient amount of funds to pay a reward for your head, then you will be imposed a gameplay penalty. According to Pete Haynes, the penalty is imposed on any damage that you do: both to other players and monsters under AI control. You will become a much less dangerous opponent for the rest.

Avoid fine, quit the game, too, will not work. It lasts for several hours, but it only takes into account the time you spent in the game.

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