The release of Warface on Xbox One


Tactical command shooter Warface became available on the Xbox One. The game can be downloaded free of charge in the Xbox Games Store. Some of the content available on Warface for Xbox One is platform exclusive. In particular, the Xbox One version offers users to be the first to evaluate the special operation “Dangerous Experiment”, as well as a number of PvP modes on certain cards. PvE lovers can take part in the cooperative passage of the Anubis and Eclipse raids, and players who prefer battles with real opponents can now play in six PvP modes on 26 different maps.

Warface for Xbox One will be actively maintained after launch. Since the start of the game in October, the first four content updates are planned to be released, which will bring another 4 special operations, 2 modes, and 17 cards unique in their tactical potential into the game. The first content update is scheduled for release in October. It will include a special operation “Black Shark”, the regime of “royal battle”, as well as 5 new maps. Information about further updates will appear on the game site regularly.

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