Weapon specialization in Battlefield V has been changed


The weapon specialization system in Battlefield V was rather controversial. We are talking about the perks tree system that you choose to change the weapon’s behavior in accordance with your style of play. These perks in beta gave only positive effects, which resulted in a situation with an obvious imbalance in the case of a pumper and a new player. Developers have now confirmed on Twitter that many specialization perks will have both positive and negative consequences, and also set an example.

In addition, the developers confirmed that in the release version you will be able to roll back applied perks so that you do not have to buy and pump the same weapon a second time if you want to go the other way. Moreover, you will not have to go in strict accordance with the chosen development branch, because the developers will choose the perks from different families.

Link in Twitter:¬†DICE listened to feedback…..

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