Death Mark horror trailer released


Japanese studio Aksys is preparing for Halloween the release of its visual horror story Death Mark. In Japan, the game is already out, and in Europe and America, the owners of the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS Vita will receive it on October 31.

In the story, we are faced with another urban legend. From time to time on the body of the selected victim appears a special mark, similar to the bite marks. And after a while the tagged dies. One of the heroines falls into a mystical place, after which she begins to feel that she is being watched. Immediately after this, a mark of death appears on her hand. And after a while, she is comprehended by a terrible death. We have to learn what became of it and what these strange tags mean. For this, we will fall the role of a man with amnesia and a mark of death on his arm. The hero manages to avoid death, as a group of fighters against the unnatural discovers him in time. They seem to know how to help, but they still have to live to see it.

Death Mark will be released both in the figure and in the boxed version. The last will include an artbook, a CD with a soundtrack and two temporary tattoos in the form of a death mark.

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