Stardew Valley goes on mobile devices

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s cozy farmer simulator has already earned imaginable and inconceivable millions of money on an armful of traditional gaming platforms. And soon it will be possible to iron the virtual cows and on mobile phones. Stardew Valley for iOS and Android is an almost complete copy of versions from “big” gaming devices. The pocket version of the content repeats patch 1.3, that is, for example, includes the night market. The main difference is a reworked interface that was built for touch control on smartphones.

It is separately emphasized that multiplayer will not appear in Stardew Valley for phones. But on iOS you can transfer your save from PC via iTunes. It is only necessary to make sure that you did not use modifications: “saves” with non-standard data can lead to failures in the mobile version of the game. Porting is engaged in the London studio The Secret Police, which worked closely with the author Stardew Valley over the past year. The developer emphasizes that the production of the mobile version did not affect the completion of the multiplayer update for consoles.

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