The fastest processor for smartphones renamed


Roland Quandt, the editor of the well-known regular leaks of the German resource WinFuture, shared the details about the new flagship processor Qualcomm for future smartphones. According to the source, the next Qualcomm flagship will be released under the name Snapdragon 8150, rather than the Snapdragon 855, as previously expected. The single-chip system is organized according to the big.LITTLE scheme, which means four energy-efficient cores and four production ones.

According to preliminary data, they will be Cortex-A-55 and A-76. The first, codenamed Silver, will operate at 1.7 GHz, and the second, codenamed Gold, at 2.6 GHz. Snapdragon 8150 will receive a special chip for an artificial intelligence system. Adreno graphics will receive a frequency of 650 MHz. The 7-nanometer processor is the same size as the Snapdragon 845 – 12.4 x 12.4 mm. Perhaps it was just the addition of the Neural Processing Unit.

The processor will be more expensive than its predecessor – $ 53 instead of the past 48. This may affect the retail price of future smartphones.

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