Details on add-ons for Darksiders III


Darksiders III will have a season ticket with two additions after the release. THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have published details of what to do in these supplements. DLCs ​​are called The Crucible and Keepers of the Void. Each contains new locations with tests, puzzles, things, and opponents.

In Keepers of the Void, Rage takes on a mission from Wolgrim. She must go to the Serpent Burrows and deal with the ancient threat that lurked there. The new place is filled with puzzles and evil creatures. If Rage can overcome difficulties, she will receive a weapon from the Void and the most important reward – the Void’s armor.

Darksiders III will be released on November 27 for ordinary users and on November 26 for the owners of the Deluxe Edition, which just includes a subscription to both DLC.

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