EA is preparing a re-release of the games of the series Command & Conquer


The return of Command & Conquer to the E3 2018 turned out to be a complete failure: Electronic Arts for some reason considered that many years later it was necessary to revive the series in the form of a mobile Command & Conquer: Rivals. To this can be added the general melancholy of the conference, where the telephone C & C paid disproportionately much attention. The result is a completely humiliating show on YouTube: 2.7 thousand likes against 59 thousand dislikes under the debut video. And now EA suspected that gamers want a completely different Command & Conquer. Jim Vesella, the producer of the publishing house, who participated in the development of Command & Conquer 3, Red Alert 3 and Kane’s Wrath 10 years ago, came to Reddit.

The first Command & Conquer was released in 1995, so the series will soon be 25 years old. According to Vesella, EA is already up to something in honor of the upcoming anniversary and is also exploring “exciting ideas” that will be useful in reprinting these classic strategies.

The fans of the series immediately voiced their “feedback” in the comments on Reddit. Despite the fact that Vesella only mentioned remasters, users made requests for the next big C & C game. Here are some thoughts that came to the top by the number of likes:

• No microtransactions and lunchboxes. Vesella assured that they really would not appear in the remaster.
• Classic gameplay instead of misunderstanding from C & C 4.
• The impersonal role of the player, who should be called “commander” or “general”. Say, the normal name, family, and background of the protagonist in C & C 4 was one of the reasons why the game was bad.
• Reissues of Generals Zero Hour and Red Alert 2.
• Frank Klepacki on the soundtrack.
• Pretend that there were no C & C 4 events at all, and Tiberius to be the same as before.

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