Network modes in three PS3 games – disconnect

Network modes

On the PlayStation 3, there are still exclusives with a working multiplayer, but Sony is gradually correcting this “mistake”: as Siliconera says, in a month the company will turn off the network capabilities in its three games.

Servers will stop working on October 25, 2018. Multiplayer over the Internet will not be available in all games. PlayStation All-Stars and Twisted Metal will have offline features like campaign and multiplayer modes on the same console, and Warhawk will die almost completely: it was exclusively networked. Your only chance to play Warhawk in the future is a LAN connection.

As a result, the multiplayer in PlayStation All-Stars will last almost six years since its release, in Twisted Metal – six and a half years, and in Warhawk – a little over 11 years.

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