Overwatch has a LEGO set.

Overwatch LEGO

There is a lot of official merchandise on Overwatch: from banal T-shirts and figures to pillows and even slippers. Another variety of goods has now joined this diversity: the LEGO designer kits. The first set called the Omnik Bastion appeared in the Blizzard store. It was created based on the appearance of the Rise of the Machines, consists of 182 elements (including the bird of Ganymede), reaches 12 centimeters in height and is compatible with all other sets of LEGO.

In addition, the figure comes with a stand, which proudly announces that it is – an exclusive Blizzard. That is, it will not be possible to buy Omnik Bastion in other places. The only alternative is a souvenir shop at BlizzCon, but that is, consider that same Blizzard store. Price – $ 25.

Link in Twitter: @LEGO_Group @PlayOverwatch

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