Quake Champions has launched a new game mode.


The company id Software announced the launch of a new mode for Quake Champions, known as “Wormhole.” In it, you have to storm the portals or defend them, and the rewards will grow with each match.

Two teams are fighting for the portal – a huge black hole that can eject the ancient unknown horror. All players appear in the game with a full arsenal, health, and armor, but with only one life without the possibility of rebirth. The ministers of the cult of the Ancient God, who are protecting the portal, are trying to open the Wormhole, and the attacking team must seal the gate before any fearless man with tentacles crawls out.

All players who take part in the Wormhole Calling event from day one will receive the Tentacle coloring for the entire starting weapon. As other conditions are fulfilled, festival participants will be able to get a coloring for a heavy machine gun from Quake 4, a unique look for a Scalebearer or Ranger, and at the very end – a skin for a new Athena character, or her own, but in a unique way.

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