Are Apple devices already on iOS 12?

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Apple has published on its official website for developers statistics on the prevalence of versions of the mobile platform iOS. As of October 10, 2018, 53% of Apple’s mobile devices from which they entered the App Store online store were running the new iOS 12. Apple began to publish statistics differently. 53% is an indicator for mobile devices released since 2014. If we consider all the devices, the penetration rate was only 50%. In any case, this is much more than last year’s iOS 11, which gained 38.5% in early October last year.

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The share of iOS 11 now accounts for 40% or 39%, respectively, and the share of earlier OS versions is 7 or 11%, depending on the devices being counted. Apple released the final version of the mobile operating system iOS 12 on the evening of September 17. For comparison, the latest version of the Android OS 9 Pie (Pie) has not yet gained 0.1% on Android devices, although it was released much earlier – August 6, 2018.

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