Hard Truck Apocalypse. Overview

Hard Truck Apocalypse

From myself: The first time I played this game in early 2006, for me the game became a discovery, and an example, of games about post-apocalypse. Colorful, dynamical but … a bit empty, here you should not be surprised, everything is calculated on a computer of the sample of 2005. Many maps or better say locations that can immerse you in a diverse world of adventure, and wanderings from the valleys of former Finland (Hel) to the south (Varchat), as well as on the main quest will visit the jungles of former England.

About cars: In the game, the models of cars of domestic and foreign production, slightly modified, are presented, and menu:
1.Van – the very first auto, with 850 HP and a small fuel tank, the prototype became: GAZ-51.

2. The Lorry is the next truck, the more powerful, more spacious, with 1500 HP, a British truck became a prime example: AEC Matador.

311658-hard-truck-apocalypse-windows-screenshot-thinking-about-buyingVan vs Lorry

3. The Urals – the best in terms of price/quality ratio, 2000 HP, the prototype, as you can get, was our: Ural.

4. Belaz is the bridge of freight traffic, the dream of a man with 170,000 units of game currency. Vitality is 2500 HP, the model of the Republic of Belarus served as a prototype: BelAZ-75570.

5. And finally, the last unit to be managed, Peacemaker. The name is not too justifies the very essence of the vehicle to destroy everything and everyone. The prototype: ZIL-E167.
All vehicles have many options for upgrading components and assemblies. Everyone has the appropriate modifiers, however, like the weapons.

HTA_012-large.jpgDialogues with NPCs

About the incomes of money: The game has the ability to trade between cities. Each city, in this case, has its own prices for each type of product, and as in ordinary business, it is cheaper to buy – to sell more expensive. In battle, there is an opportunity to pick up the fallen guns and goods from destroyed trucks. It’s funny with the quests about the destruction of bandits, it all depends on the level of money in your pocket: in the beginning for one destroyed truck give 100 …… at the end of the game (I have at least) already generously distributed 450 000.

About game clans: Almost the whole game is a player in the Farmers clan, this is indicated by inscriptions and a shovel with wreaths. In the south (in the desert), the clans behave ambiguously: provided that the player is close to the city of one of them – the clans are friendly, and if the player has gone further, then the clans are injured … East is a delicate matter. If a player accidentally destroyed a truck of one of the friendly factions and this fraction or clan, as it pleases, declared war, then there is an opportunity to settle the conflict in one of the neutral cities, and it will cost you 15% of the savings. One day, by chance, I destroyed the auto of the IP clan (Adventurers), but until the end of the game in any of the cities, it was not possible to stop the war.

00145332.jpgCrossing the jungle

Bugs, errors and problem areas: the game crashes when loading the next location, and gives out various errors, this can be attributed to the fact that the game was released in 2005, since then a lot has changed. About the uneven earnings of money, I have already mentioned above. About impassable places: there are invisible walls in the game, through which there is no possibility to pass, and when you try to still overcome the truck, it flies away like rubber. In the game, there is a possibility in the literal sense of the word to kill the fancy, even though the Peacemaker o …… model VW beetle, and fatally drown in almost that puddle.

Bottom line: The game is interesting, it is a pity that there is no continuation on a more modern game engine, with graphics capabilities of at least 2012. So what did you like – the plot. It seems to be straightforward, but quite curious from the point of view of the post-apocalypse.

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