Microsoft bought a designer for AI applications

Microsoft lobe

Recently, various devices, applications, and services are increasingly using neural networks based on artificial intelligence for their work. It seems that it is extremely difficult to develop such things, but it turns out that there is even a special designer for this, which Microsoft recently acquired for use in its future products.

The service is called Lobe. And, most interestingly, to use it, you do not need to have special knowledge in the field of machine learning. Even without understanding exactly how the whole system works, but knowing its functions and the final result, the user can create, by pieces, what he needs. You can load the necessary data into the service and it will create a model for deep machine learning, make all the necessary calculations, and then give the user the planned “training program”. If necessary, it is possible to add some items and remove those that do not suit you.

As an example, TechCrunch cites software for a self-driving drone that should follow the owner. Using the existing algorithms for recognizing faces and objects, the system itself adjusts the necessary parameters and “sharpens” the future of the software to perform specific tasks. In this case: recognize the host among other people, track its movement, calculate the expected trajectory of movement of other people and not collide with the surrounding space. The amount of the transaction is not called, but both companies are very optimistic.

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