Painkiller port on Unreal Engine 4


The remake of the first part of the Painkiller shooter based on the Unreal Engine 4, developed by the STR_Paragor moderator, has acquired screenshots showing the first chapter of the game successfully transferred to Epic Games technology.

Thanks to the modern engine, the developers expect to revive in Painkiller: Redux all the best that was in the original, and add to all this new gameplay mechanics, a cooperative transmission mode, and also make an excellent platform for the development using modifications in the future. It is not yet known whether Painkiller: Redux will have a demo and when the full version will be released, but now enthusiasts are fully prepared for the introduction of the story, including the levels of the first chapter, all types of weapons, types of ammunition and lives. In addition, in the current version of the project appeared resurgent opponents, control points and the game menu.

As they approach the full release, the authors are going to pull up the visual component to the game will look better than in the screenshots below.






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