Dying Light 2 and “fighting parkour”


The biggest project among those that are under development in the Techland studio is Dying Light 2, an ambitious sequel to the zombie-action shooter with elements of parkour. Dying Light 2 was announced on E3 2018 by legendary role game developers Chris Avellon. The sequel, as you can guess, will get a deep plot and thought-out role-playing elements, but of course, do not forget about the most popular element of the series – parkour.

In the first game, Parkour often served as a finishing touch when you used it in the battle: for example, if you shot down the enemy from the roof. In Dying Light 2 we have added many new moves that will allow you to start a battle or do something in the process. The developers will try to get into release dates. The game’s release is scheduled for next year, but Techland has been warned that it is ready to postpone the release if the sequel will require additional time for refinement.

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