Graphics of the new generation in War of Rights


The new trailer of realistic shooter War of Rights developers devoted to the system of dynamic weather change. Players will have to see a wide range of autumn weather conditions. There will be clear weather, both cloudy and cloudy, but most attention was paid to the creation of rain and its effects. The rain will have several degrees of strength. It may crinkle slightly and may turn into a heavy shower.

In the trailer, developers have shown how realistic the rain looks like with gusts of wind. At the same time, all surfaces are wet, and the earth gradually turns into dirt. When sunny weather comes again, everything begins to dry out. On the ground, there are puddles, they become smaller and then dry completely. This is an alpha version of the game, poet the developers promise to further increase the overall level of graphics and its individual elements.

The multiplayer shooter War of Rights will carry players in the era of the Civil War in the United States. The game’s events are devoted to the Maryland campaign, which took place in the east of the United States in September 1862. The developers want to make a historically valid game with the maximum emphasis on realism.

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