PvP-mode for HITMAN 2


The network mode and Hitman always seemed an ideal couple – just imagine how cool it would be to arrange cunning murders with or fight against another, trying to kill the victim faster and more accurately! In HITMAN 2, our dreams come true. The fact that the game will be a cooperative sniper mode, became known during the announcement of stealth action. Today IO Interactive introduced the competitive Ghost Mode.

In Ghost, two participants appear on one card. The game randomly determines the goal for them to be eliminated from. If the murder will be unobtrusive, and the body will not be found for some time, the performer will count the point. After that, you will have to remove the next victim. The elimination of the wrong NPC is punishable by a fine of one point. The winner will be the one whose score will reach five. Though opponents see each other, they are in parallel realities and can not interact directly. That is, you will not be allowed to immediately shoot another killer or drop a chandelier on it.

There is an exception from this rule. By the level in PvP, the ghostly boxes are scattered – they contain “random” items, suits and weapons. The contents of the containers are the same for both users, and if you take something out of the box, then this item will not be enough for the opponent. In addition, ghostly equipment affects both measurements – for example, the guard from the reality of the enemy will pay attention to the thrown coin. The “Ghost” does not punish the mistakes too harshly – after the death of Forty-Seventh again finds himself in the location. At the same time, the hero will retain the previous disguise and combat status – you will have to escape from the pursuers and change clothes.

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