Red Dead Redemption 2 for 65 hours


The co-founder and vice president of Rockstar, Dan Hauser, in an interview with the Vulture magazine, said that the duration of the game would be about 65 hours. Unfortunately, it is not known whether this number alone is included in the main plot quest, or it also covers side-by-side assignments. In addition, several hours of content from the game was cut closer to the end of the development. According to Hauser, this content did not work technically and seemed superfluous. The co-founder of the studio gave an example of the remote content.

We removed the mission on the train, in which the player had to deal with the head hunters, because she was fascinated at first – and then she suddenly ceased to be. This part of the process is always associated with compromises and trades. Everyone loses the loved parts of the game.

Hauser shared another interesting statistic. For the game, 2200 days of capture movements were shot; the main story takes almost 2000 pages; The game contains 500,000 lines of dialogs and 300,000 animations. Capture of movements began in 2013, although the development of the game began in 2010. During this time, more than 1200 actors were occupied, 700 of which recorded the dialogues. As a result, each character in the game has on average about 80 pages of dialogues.

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