Star Citizen has earned more than a million dollars


Star Citizen is still far from the release, but players continue to spend tirelessly on developing new money. The fresh version of alpha version 3.3 is a vivid example to that. In the four days since Cloud Imperium Games released alpha 3.3 on public test servers, the studio earned more than a million dollars. It happened last week, and the events evolved as follows. On Wednesday, the developers showed the new trailer Squadron 42, after which the game received almost $ 380,000. Fans continued to donate funds on the following days: on Thursday – $ 325,000, and on Friday and Saturday – about $ 190,000. In sum, all this gives more than a million.

For comparison: a week before this game collected “only” $ 171,582. Now the total amount of fees has exceeded $ 195 million, and by the end of the year may be taken a line of $ 200 million.

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