Console versions of Wreckfest moved to 2019


In June, Bugbear Entertainment studio announced that the destructive Wreckfest race will be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20. But developers had to postpone the release until 2019. The transfer was reported by Bugbear itself and THQ Nordic. The authors will name the exact launch date of the console versions as soon as they “become pleased to play them.” According to the creators, while the console Wreckfest has performance problems. In addition, the network component of the game needs polishing.

In the Valve service, the race received 74% positive reviews. People praise realistic physics of machines, an impressive damage system and fun multiplayer. Of the minuses – nominal single mode with stupid opponents and “grind”, as well as not a perfect organization of network races: for example, on one server can compete and those who have driving assistance, and those who do not use it.

Link in Twitter: THQNordic

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