Google Chrome 70 browser introduced


Google has released a new version of the web browser Chrome 70, which received new features and fixes compared with the previous version. Chrome 70 is already available on all platforms. In the 70th version, you can activate add-ons selectively, only for certain sites from the “white list”. You can also include them on each page only after an explicit click on the corresponding icon. This can be useful for blocking the substitution of advertising or other actions that are not automatically tracked or rigidly embedded in the page.

Now it is also possible to reload several tabs at once To do this, select them and press Ctrl + R or the Reload button in the context menu. In addition, added a quick transition to the open tab from the list of recommendations in the address bar. For a page already open in another tab, a button will be shown to quickly jump to the tab you are looking for. This is similar to the system used in mobile browsers when a user can go to a tab open in the background. To activate it, in the chrome: // flags / # omnibox-tab-switch-suggestions section, enable the Switch to this tab function. Separately, we note the addition of the long-awaited PiP function, which allows us to separate the window from the video from the page. There have been major changes in the address bar and security features. In the 70th version, the File indicator is added, which shows access to local resources. Automatic connection to the account and saving Google cookies have been removed. Instead, the Allow Chrome sign-in setting appeared, which allows you to turn off the Chrome login binding with the Google services login.

Also now the login indicator clearly shows whether the user is authorized or not. There are other changes in web applications, working with Bluetooth and so on. In addition, support has been added to the final specification of the TLS 1.3 protocol and a number of modern encryption measures.

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