Named the manufacturer of the most reliable computers


The American company Rescuecom, which specializes in computer repair, summed up its annual research on computer reliability in the United States. The rating of the most reliable computers was headed by Samsung Electronics, which accounted for 6.4% of the US computer market and only 1.63% of the cases of repairs. At the same time, she received a reliability rating of 393 points.


The second place is Lenovo with a market share of 14.9%, 5.9% of repairs and a rating of 253 points. Apple ranked third with 12.7%, 8.7% and 145 points. Dell is in fourth place, and in the fifth – Microsoft with the Surface lineup.

According to the spokeswoman, Samsung makes significant investments in improving product quality. Rescuecom has named Samsung PC “the best choice with modern technology at an affordable price.”


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