The announcement of the new Splinter Cell is coming


A few hours ago, Sportskeeda reported that it had received information from one of Ubisoft employees regarding the new part of the Steelers Action Series Splinter Cell. It is noted that the developer is not a member of the team directly working on the new Splinter Cell. Nevertheless, he said that the game is not only in active development, but is also preparing for release next year. The title is supposed to be less linear than previous games in the series.

It is worth paying attention also to the news from the Italian division of the portal Eurogamer, which a couple of days pointed to a tweet by Canadian insider Rodney Bouch regarding Splinter Cell. The elementary rebus M * X * CO with a non-randomly allocated X hints at Microsoft’s upcoming event – the X018 conference, which will be held in the capital of Mexico on November 10. It is probably on this day that Microsoft and Ubisoft are announcing a new Splinter Cell.

Of course, the insider’s words cannot be considered official confirmation, but in June, before E3, he correctly announced that Microsoft was preparing to acquire several new studios – this was confirmed at the exhibition.

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