Fantastic shooter Project Nova on the first game video


The first gameplay video of the new sci-fi shooter Project Nova has been published, the events of which unfold in the cult space universe EVE Online.

At the EVE Vegas 2018 event, CCP Games introduced the gameplay of its shooter Project Nova. The video showed the full network match. A team of players fought in the cooperative mode Onslaught against AI. Gamers are attacking the spaceship and trying to capture it. To do this, they must attack certain points on the map and hold them in order to earn points. To win, you need to score a certain number of points. It is interesting that for capture it is not enough just to stand on a point. Players must hold down the “E” button to hack the ship’s systems, that is, they cannot fight at that moment.

In Project Nova, four players unite in a squad to fight together in cooperative tasks. Three character classes are available: Assault, Sharpshooter, and Logistics. From the names, the features of the classes are clear. Each player has two types of weapons and two more types of assistive devices.

A release date of Project Nova is still unknown. On the official website of the game, you can sign up for a beta test. The developers promise to add new PvP command modes to the cooperative soon.

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