Halloween by Daybreak Games


Daybreak Games celebrates Halloween in a big way. Festive events are available in the games studio now and will last until the end of October:

DCUO: The Witching Hour (October 01–31, 2018). And hell broke loose on the streets of Gotham City and in the Midnight Masquerade club. In the shelter in the East End, the heroes are already waiting for the Phantom Wanderer, and the villains should proceed to The Tap Room in Burnley, where Tala tells about Chaos.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: The Night Revels Festival (October 2 – November 4, 2018). Festival Night Revels is back. This year, players can visit the Delara graveyard that has been changed to exorcize evil spirits, skeletons, and other vermin. For the performance of holiday tasks, players will receive candy, keys and other resources with which you can get special equipment and magic items.

EverQuest: Nights of the Dead (October 10 – November 6, 2018). The nights become darker, and a festive mood soars in the air, which can only mean one thing – the Nights of the Dead have returned to Norrath. Adventure seekers can uncover the costumes of Creepy Sally and Obsessed Jack, participate in celebrations and other activities.

EverQuest 2: Nights of the Dead (October 5 – November 1, 2018). Ghosts hover over Norrath, after all, the Nights of the Dead have returned to the Fallen Gate TLE server. During the event, players will be able to perform already familiar and favorite tasks, get new costumes, items and a book of recipes.

H1Z1: Hauntfest (October 23 – November 6, 2018). A new Hauntfest arcade mode will be added to H1Z1 on PS4, in which players will collect candy all over the map, which will increase the character’s running speed, but for a limited time / Holders of the season, combat pass will receive “boxes of sweets” for completing daily tasks. And the happiest will be able to get the Dead Man’s Chest, which contains full pirate uniforms.

Lord of the Rings Online: The Harvestmath Festival (October 17 – November 6, 2018) / Middle-earth celebrates Halloween with a special festival. Players take part in various games, collect pumpkins, explore a haunted mound, tell horrible stories and much more.

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