The third episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is hoping to release before the end of 2018

Walking Dead пф

The final season will end: the last two episodes will be answered by Skybound Games Robert Kirkman, the author of the original comic books about the walking dead. The company is going to attract game developers who left Telltale as a result of all the corporate horrors. The day before, Skybound Games president Ian Howe visited Reddit and responded to fan messages. So far, the studio is not ready to talk openly about when the final episodes of The Final Season will appear. However, Howe ventured and revealed a corporate secret: Skybound Games hopes to arrange the release of the third episode before the end of 2018. Howe will be “very disappointed” if this does not happen.

Skybound Games is not going to make significant changes to the game: according to Howe, Telltale approved the entire story with the Kirkman company in advance so Skybound will release exactly the story that Telltale wanted to release. As Hou says, the third episode of The Final Season is almost complete, but the fourth at the time of the collapse of Telltale remained at the preproduction stage. Accordingly, it is still necessary to work on it. Now no one works on the game itself, because first, you need to deal with various legal things.

Skybound Games plans to return The Walking Dead: The Final Season for sale around the end of October.

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