World War 3 launched in early access


Polish Battlefield called World War 3 was launched in early access Steam. In honor of this event, The Farm 51 studio prepared a fresh trailer, but the launch, judging by the first reviews, was a failure.

At the time of writing the news user reviews on Steam stopped at around 39% – “Mostly negative.” Most often, customers complain that they simply cannot play the game: World War 3 only shows the server connection screen.

The problem is so common that The Farm 51 urgently released a patch that should cure an endless download. However, under the corresponding entry in the Steam community, there were over 1,000 comments, where there are a lot of disgruntled people. It seems that the update did not help.

Recall that World War 3 is a team multiplayer shooter about a modern global conflict. Here, units of different countries are fighting, locations are based on real places around the world, customization allows you to customize the process for yourself, and so on. Separately, the authors emphasize the earthiness of what is happening with a slight slant into realism: the gameplay is influenced by ballistics, the weight system, the feeling of one’s body, and the meticulously recreated behavior of a bullet against armor.

The Farm 51 plans to boil World War 3 in early access for 12-16 months. In the game so far there are only three cards, but, of course, closer to the release of the content will be much more. All upcoming DLC ​​will be free. Developers are going to develop a shooter based on community feedback.

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