6000+ zombies in The Black Masses with the open world in the style of The Elder Scrolls


The company Brilliant Game Studios presented a fresh gameplay video of their project The Black Masses. In the game at the same time in one location there can be more than 100 thousand zombies, and in total, in the open world, there are millions of them. In the new gameplay video The Black Masses, the game developers told about the introduction of the most modern graphics technologies. The video demonstrates a new lighting system, as well as realistic reflections, which practically all objects have. The creators of the action showed the city square, which was flooded with zombies. At the same time on the screen is more than 6000 walking dead. The developers say they launched other levels with hundreds of thousands of characters. At the same time, their game with the open world in the style of The Elder Scrolls gave out 60 frames per second. Shown new location is used for cooperative mode. Players need to go through the hordes of zombies and get to the room, which is guarded by obsessed knights to pick up the crystal.

The creators of The Black Masses showed fragments of cooperative passing this level. The video pays special attention to the combat system. While in the game there are three types of a strike: left, right and powerful. There is also a block and special skills. There will be a great many. The video shows some of them, for example, a powerful circular blow. Interestingly, the corpses of zombies do not disappear and cover the floor. Unlike TES, The Black Masses focuses on action, rather than on role-playing elements and a complex development system.

Action The Black Masses will be released in 2019 on the PC. The project is engaged in studio Brilliant Game Studios, which previously released the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Developments from the previous game developers moved to a new action.

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