Fortnite PvE mode will not be free


This year, Epic Games planned to transfer the mode to an f2p model but changed its plans – a conditional freebie would not come to the “Battle with the Storm” until 2019. On the official website of the shooter, the developers explained that transferring the game to a shareware format requires careful preparation. Before meeting the novice army in PvE, the authors want to bring to mind the “many functions” and scale up the load on the servers.

If you don’t want to wait for the arrival of the free to play, don’t miss an advantageous offer – this week Epic will release the standard, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, and Limited Founder set with a 50% discount. Now the creators are working on an updated interface and an expanded system of heroes for PvE. The menu in the game will become more beautiful and more convenient, also tooltips will appear. As for the characters, the number of cells for them will increase from three to six – respectively, you can develop one main fighter with evil spirits and up to five additional ones. In addition, in the future, Fortnite will acquire a resource compensation system. To pick up the compensation, you will need to worsen the changed objects – the developers are not going to make the refund automatic.

Finally, the Halloween Nightmares event kicked off in Battle of the Storm. As in the past year, users will go to Mraxilvania and complete the “Blood Lord’s Moon” mission. The authors made some changes to the new version of the event. Anyone who launches Fortnite during Nightmares will be presented with themed looks — Zombie Jonesy and Bony Lady Ramirez.

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