Intel may abandon a 10nm process

Intel process

The SemiAccurate edition reported that Intel, in light of the problems in mastering the 10-nanometer process technology, can completely abandon it. Considering that the chip maker transferred the output of new processors several times, it looks reliable. It is argued that the possible failure was affected by the successes of AMD, lack of time and resources. At the same time, it is not clear what the company will be able to offer, because almost everything has already been squeezed out of the 14-nanometer process technology.

And the “red” at this time are actively developing 7-nanometer processors, both conventional and graphic. The future reorganization of the Technology and Manufacturing Group is also in favor of this. However, it is possible that everything is not so bad.


At one time, the publication was “pierced” several times in its forecasts, so you should not trust it unconditionally. In addition, Intel would not have developed its own graphics, if they had problems with the CPU. Perhaps the company will really give up 10 nanometers but will offer something more advanced. Or focus on increasing cores, increasing frequencies, and so on.

Link to news: Intel kills off the 10nm process

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