Details about post-release support for Battlefield V


Electronic Arts and DICE are going to actively develop Battlefield V after its release. Today, the authors shared their support plan for the shooter. As part of the service model “The course of the war,” the developers promise to supply the fighter with new types of weapons and equipment, devices, fortifications, maps, modes, as well as technical changes and gameplay improvements. Now the schedule of the “Progress of War” is as follows.

Chapter 1 – “Overture” (December – January):

• Level “Panzerstorm”. This location, located in Belgium, is focused on tank battles.
• “The Last Tiger” is the final episode of the story campaign. The chapter tells about the crew of the German tank. In the course of the plot, team members begin to doubt the Nazi ideology.
• Training ground, where you can hone the skills of shooting and controlling ground and air transport.
• Visual customization of technology – skins for tanks, camouflage, and decals for airplanes.

Chapter 2 – “Lightning strike” (January – March):

• “Combined battles” – a cooperative mode in which you need to complete tasks by a squad of up to four people.
• An additional mission for the competitive mode “Big Operations”.
• Revised mode “Storm” (will be available only during the “Lightning Strikes”).
• “Detachment capture”. The mode is designed for 16 users: two teams fight in it, on each side – two groups of four players.

Chapter 3 – “Fire Trial” (March):

• “Fire Storm” – another variation on the theme of “Royal Battle” with a narrowing safe zone. More about the mode we wrote here.
• The map on the Greek island of Crete.
• Another mission for “Joint battles.”
• New multiplayer mode.

DICE says that after the launch of the March update, BFV support will continue. The release of Battlefield V on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are scheduled for November 20. The release of the game is scheduled for next year. Platforms – PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The publisher of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince will be Modus Games.

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