Hellgate: London returns to Steam

Hellgate: London

For the context, we recall a brief history of misadventures. The original of 2007 was developed by Flagship Studios, which was headed by former developers of the Diablo series. The studio went bankrupt in 2008, almost immediately after the financial failures of its project. Hellgate: London servers operated until January 31, 2009, and then disconnected. The rights to the game intercepted by the Korean company HanbitSoft. She redid the sufferer in the shareware Hellgate London: Resurrection added the maps based on Seoul and reopened the servers in July 2011, but in South Korea.

Apparently, resuscitation helped somewhat, because, at the end of 2014, HanbitSoft was going to release the Hellgate: Tokyo extension as part of the Hellgate Global project. In this form, the game even got to Steam Greenlight, where it received approval from the community. But the release for Steam was lost where it is unknown where, and Hellgate Global closed at the beginning of 2016. And at the moment HanbitSoft is preparing to release Hellgate: London on Steam. As the description on the page says, the game will be transferred to single-player rails, but with “bonus support items”. New Hellgate: London is based on version 2.0 and includes content from Hellgate: Tokyo.

The gameplay is based on the RPG principle. There are six classes with different combat skills. There is a random generation of dungeons, gear, and quests. There are degrees of rarity in things. Entourage – The land that the demons have captured. The saviors of mankind are wielding both firearms and magic.

Hellgate: London will come to Steam on November 15th. Price category is not yet announced.

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