Apple says the power of the new iPad is comparable to the Xbox One S


Apple showed a fresh line of its devices. Everything would be fine, but right during the presentation, the company said that its new tablet is not inferior in power to the stationary console from Microsoft.

According to the vice-president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, the Bionic A12X processor in the next model iPad Pro is Xbox One S for graphics processing speed. At the same time, the tablet is 94% smaller than the console and does not require constant power from the outlet.

Apple made other comparisons: the new iPad Pro is 92% faster than all portable PCs sold last month (including top-end solutions based on Core i7), and the graphics are processed twice as fast as the previous generation and 1,000 times faster than the very first generation iPad.

Among the main features of the new iPad Pro – Liquid Retina display, face recognition technology Face ID and the missing button “Home”. In addition, instead of Apple’s Lightning port, there is a more common USB-C here. There is no separate headphone input: if you need one, the Apple company offers to buy an adapter from USB-C to a mini-jack.

Microsoft could not respond to such comparisons. The gaming boss Phil Spencer wrote in his Twitter account that he liked the mention of the Xbox One S at the Apple conference, and the tablet’s performance will come in handy in the cross-play between the Xbox and the iPad.


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