Command & Conquer: Rivals starts in December


At the June press conference, EA Play Electronic Arts great, let’s say, puzzled fans of Command & Conquer with the announcement of the mobile strategy of Rivals. To relate to such a controversial revival of the famous series can be different. Well, our job is to inform you that the game will be released on iOS and Android on December 4th. Electronic Arts recall that Rivals is a dynamic real-time strategy game. Users will face each other in the battle for Tiberius. As an advantage of the game, the authors indicate full control over the course of the battle.

From the day of its release, the Rivals Champions mode, created under the inspiration of the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions for FIFA, will be available in the Rivals. In this fun, users are fighting in ranked matches – the game picks up opponents by rating. The greater your success, the steeper the rewards.

Rivals Champions – only the first step of EA on the way to organizing e-sports competitions on the game. Tournaments covering several continents start in 2019. On the official website of Command & Conquer: Rivals pre-registration is already open. Those who express a desire to join the battle for Tiberius in advance will get a set containing a Titan fighter, as well as a handful of credits and diamonds.

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