In “Early Access” Steam released The Blackout Club


Question is a development studio founded by industry veterans. Among them – the creative director and lead screenwriter BioShock 2 Jordan Thomas. Today in Steam Early Access a new creation of the team has started – The Blackout Club.

The Blackout Club will take us to a small town near the Appalachian Mountains, where there is no access even to mobile communications and the Internet. The main characters are teenagers. From time to time, the guys lose consciousness, but their friend has disappeared – in general, some kind of devilry is clearly happening. Of course, the company is starting an investigation. The plot is twisted around a conspiracy of cultists, because of which the inhabitants of the city flew off the coils. To stop the villains, we have to descend into the maze of tunnels, where hypnotic melodies sound.

As part of the gameplay The Blackout Club – an action-adventure game with a cooperative maximum of four participants. During nightly raids, children must work together to take evidence of the conspiracy on camera and outwit the “lunatics.” In the arsenal of protagonists – hooks, cats, darts with a tranquilizer, firecrackers, and shockers.

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