In November, This War of Mine will receive a major addition The Last Broadcast


Survival simulator This War of Mine got to the release back in 2014. Four years after the release, the game will be supplemented by the addition of The Last Broadcast. Today, developers of 11-bit studios announced that the additive will be available on November 14th. DLC The Last Broadcast contains a lot of fresh content – several endings, new gameplay mechanics, moral dilemmas, playable civilians, another refuge and new areas of the war-torn city of Pogorin.

In the expansion, you have to try on the role of the radio host. As usual, the authors will offer to answer a difficult question: is there a limit beyond which the truth can be sacrificed? Over the plot of the DLC worked Meg Yayantn – adventure writer 80 Days. According to the developers, they created many iterations of the add-on before they came to the final version. During the development of the DLC has become much bigger than the team had originally planned, so after its release, the cost of a seasonal subscription will rise from 4.99 to 6.99 dollars. If you buy a pass now, then you will not have to pay extra for the novelty – seize the moment!

The Last Broadcast will appear on Steam, and the Humble Store. Console versions of the authors have not yet mentioned. The western price of expansion is $ 3.99.

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