Sunset Overdrive for PC again on the horizon


Now all Microsoft exclusives appear on Windows 10 and Xbox One, but at the beginning of the generation, there was a time when the corporation made big games exclusively for the console. Sunset Overdrive is one of the creations of that period. But it also seems to be transferred to computers soon.

Back in May, the Korean rating commission set an age rating for the project with the speaker called Sunset Overdrive PC. Now, Web users have found another evidence: a port for computers has appeared on the ESRB website – another rating organization, but already an American one.

On the PC, the ESRB delivered the Sunset Overdrive exactly the same rating as the Xbox One, Mature, “For people over 17 years old.” The description of the versions is the same and warns about violence, blood, jokes with sexual overtones and references to drugs. It seems that in Sunset Overdrive for PC they are not going to make significant changes in the scenario since.

Since the project shines in the rating commissions for the second time, it is likely that Microsoft is preparing to release the game on the PC on the principle of “announcement and release at the same time.” Perhaps, Sunset Overdrive for computers will be presented during X018 – an event dedicated to everything related to the Xbox. Microsoft just promises various surprises and news.

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