The Abyss update for No Man’s Sky diversifies the game’s underwater world


Since No Man’s Sky received a large-scale NEXT update in July, Hello Games employees have released only small portions of content for the game. Today, the turn came supplements larger – The Abyss.

As you might guess from the name of the “Abyss”, the update expands and improves the underwater areas of the game world. Here are just a few important changes:

• Underwater biomes have become more beautiful and diverse. The creatures inhabiting them are more common and more interesting looking. Especially creepy beasts can be found at the bottom of the oceans.
• A new plot episode appeared – “Dreams of the Depths”. We have to find out what happened to the missing crew of a spaceship, as well as learn the history of the “lost soul sharpened under the waves.”
• Underwater you can find sunken ships and buildings. Treasures are hidden among the ruins, and the lost rare ships are allowed to be lifted to the surface and repaired.
• The submarine “Nautilon” was added to the game. It allows you to dive into the ocean on any planet in order to explore the expanses of water, extract materials and fight. “Nautilon” can be customized to your liking.
• Developers have introduced over a dozen base modules to No Man’s Sky. Glass corridors, domes, and other elements are allowed to be used for the construction of the underwater shelter.

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