The authors of Battlefield V talked about monetization in the game.


Electronic Arts were badly burned at the Don in Star Wars Battlefront II, so in Battlefield V the company is trying to win the sympathy of the public. In the fresh material on the official website, the militant authors told how they build pumping and how they are going to encroach on your wallet after purchase. If you like the system of progress, then Battlefield V will surely appeal to you! In the game you are pumped through five branches at once:


• Career rank. Your overall level, which grows after almost any action in Battlefield V. It is divided into military ranks: private, sergeant, captain, and so on. As your career rank improves, you get military coins and open equipment that will become part of the “Team” – the local center of customization.

• Grade grade. Reflects which classes of Battlefield V you play more often. There are four of them: a medic, a scout, an attack aircraft and a support fighter. During the pumping of this parameter, new combat roles are opened (archetypes within the class), as well as firearms and cold arms, accessories and grenades.

• Rank of equipment and weapons. All major types of weapons and equipment also have separate progress scales. With enough experience, you can spend military coins and unlock gameplay specializations. For example, the MG 42 machine gun can become more accurate when shooting from the hip, and the Valentine tank – to gain stronger protection.

• Rank in chapters. The chapters are the seasons in the “Course of the War”, the Battlefield V service model. Each chapter introduces maps, modes, weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and themed awards. The rank of the head is pumped in any Battlefield V mode and for completing the tasks of the “Course of War”. The more you play during the current chapter, the higher the rank of this chapter and the more seasonal bonuses you get.


And now – to monetization. For pumping your career rank and performing daily tasks with special appointments, you are showered with military coins. This is a currency that can be obtained exclusively for the gameplay. Military coins will help you to purchase upgrades, new equipment, as well as a variety of cosmetics – jackets, war paint, skins for weapons. Skins for technology will also be, but they will be delivered together with the first chapter of the “Course of the war”, which starts a little later than the release.

In addition, for Battlefield V will make “Battlefield currency” – it is purchased only for real money. However, the “currency Battlefield” you can buy only cosmetic things – no “unlock” the gameplay ahead of time.

“Battlefield currency” (like many other elements of the game) will be available sometime after release. EA and DICE want the public to first try to dress up their “Team”, taste the charms of the game leveling and earn military coins. Only after this, an additional donation will be introduced into Battlefield V.

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