Developer Limbo, now swung to 3D?


Playdead released only two games, but they were enough for the studio to form a recognizable handwriting. Both Limbo and INSIDE can be called cinematic two-dimensional adventures in a gloomy entourage. But only Playdead itself decided to change its handwriting somewhat.

Studio co-founder and art director Arnt Jensen gave an interview to the Danish DR resource. The developer said that the new Playdead game will be bigger than Limbo or INSIDE. In addition, the project is transferred to the sci-fi setting, rejects two-dimensionality, relies on a third-person view and suggests exploring larger game zones.

Jensen says he is tired of the limitations of 2D. He and his team struggled with them for too long. We can say that more than 10 years: Jensen began to think through the concept of Limbo back in 2004.

Recall that Playdead openly confirmed the development of a new game in January 2017, when it showed a meaningful illustration. A few months before the second co-founder, Dino Patti, left the studio with the scandal. In June 2017, he demonstrated his game – Somerville, the story of which also unfolds in the sci-fi world.

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