Diablo Immortal – Diablo for gadgets


The Diablo Immortal action occurs between the events of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III. The stone of the universe is broken, but in its fragments remained a great power. The servants of Diablo hope to use the debris to revive their master. Archangel Thirael is considered dead, therefore, mankind will have to deal with the consequences of the destruction of the stone of the universe. The authors promise that Diablo Immortal will expand the universe of the game. Gamers will see the lively streets of Vestmarsh before the kingdom defiled Maltael. In addition, users will meet a lot of familiar characters.

The structure of Diablo Immortal is close to massive multiplayer entertainment. Players will unite and fight against ancient evil, fight dangerous dungeons and produce legendary trophies. Dynamic events are scattered throughout the world, and traders can be found in the Vistmarsh, communicating with other travelers and resting in front of a new battle. Network functions work with Battle.net. Among the classes, there will appear a barbarian, a monk, a magician, a crusader, a demon hunter, and a necromancer. Enemies will be like the old ones that came from Diablo II, and new ones like the demon Skarn, Horror Banner. He was the most powerful servant of Diablo, and in Diablo Immortal he collects his own army of impure and tries to revive his lord.

Blizzard emphasizes that he paid a lot of attention to management. Intuitive commands, gestures, and a touchscreen will help control the hero as easily as it was with the keyboard and mouse.

The game will be released soon on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Pre-registration is already open on Google Play. The price category is not specified – probably, Diablo Immortal will be conditional-free. Other details – on the official website.


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